Friday, July 16, 2010

this week i've been sewing on the back porch of my studio, in the shade of a huge maple tree, looking out over our yard and our porch where edgar and the cats are sleeping or just flopping in the shade. the heat has been extreme, but there is always a little breeze from the lake. the light is dappled and changing from the movement of the leaves. a real summer. i'm building quilts this week. square by square. and on the weekend i'll get them photographed and listed on etsy. i am happy to be back. happy to be finding my groove again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

being away from the studio for such a long time takes some explaining. and i'm slowly working my way back in. we did a house renovation project and then sold it and i ended up being the 'project manager' so all my studio ventures were set aside in favor of the timeline and rushed nature of this project. and now it's finished beautifully and sold and we're looking for the next one. but i will not play a daily role in it. so, i'm making quilts and trying to get my display area filled and gorgeous. it's wonderful to be at it again.