Friday, October 16, 2009

i love the quiet of my sunny little room lined with bolts of fabric. the bare pine plank floors are warm on my feet, even now with the dramatic temperature drop. the tables are full of fabric squares and spools of thread. the window looks onto the street, with overgrown garden plants framing my view. my fabrics tell me little stories. all the patterns and colors. gathering them in a garden of patches and calling it a quilt is like writing a novel for me. i watch the story grow stronger and the characters develop. that is where i find my serenity. so on sunday, october 18th, from 12 - 6, i am inviting you all to the grand opening of chasing lightning bugs studio. i hope you will taste a little of the serenity in the items i make. feel a little of the story. and just enjoy an october afternoon by the lake, in a flurry of autumn brilliance.

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