Monday, November 16, 2009

things are a little one dimensional lately. i only sew. and walk with edgar. and crash on the couch with my husband watching mad men or shows we've dvr-ed. i guess it's simply the time of year. i have alot of stuff i have to make. and just not enough time. but i still am energized by what i'm doing. i'm planning the stuff i'll make next. and....i'm living for the day i can get upstairs to my paper room and start building collage again. the process is simple. while i sew, i plan and create momentum for the art that will eventually come to the boiling point and charge it's way out. years ago i would try to force the art all the time. after several years of this i lost the vision, the perspective and grew discouraged. but it would never disappear entirely. it always is there. not necessarily patient. but there. and now after many years, the rhythm is established. it is good to find a way to make everything i need to make.

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