Thursday, April 1, 2010

the wild ducks who take over my neighbors pond in the spring woke me up this morning. a spring rite of passage. and my little studio shop is ready for spring too. yesterday i finalized on the pinafore dress i've been designing in my mind for babies and toddlers. the practice one is perfect....except for my sewing machine decided to stop working properly. i'm hoping it can get fixed today before the long weekend, but that's a long shot. i'm excited to have little dresses in the shop. to go with the bloomers. and i want to start making them. today feels like the beginning of something beautiful. happy spring.


  1. It's a wonderful close to my very busy day to see such a delightful studio. The bright and cheerful colors are refreshing. I myself have been working hard on a couple custom quilts that I will have in the mail on Monday, then I can clean and organize my sewing room. I always take the time to check a couple blogs after a long day at work and a few more hours sewing and your blog is one of them.
    Thank you for the studio pictures.

  2. thanks lisa, it's so nice to hear when people read my little blog. and more importantly, enjoy it. i hope you are enjoying your work on your quilts this weekend. have a wonderful easter weekend.

  3. I just love the fact that I found you and you live so close to me! Your work inspires me everyday! Thanks
    Please come to visit when you have a chance