Sunday, February 13, 2011

i think we'll go bowling tomorrow. something fun and different and competitive and a little bit physical. perfect valentine's fare.
when i was a child i would wait for my father on valentine's evening with such excitement. he would always bring me home perfume and a card. and i loved how special that made me feel. i looked forward to it all day and wondered what lovely extravagant perfume he'd choose for me. when i got older, no boyfriend ever lived up to that lovely special feeling of being adored that my father had taught me to expect, until my husband. i had boyfriends who pretended valentine's didn't exist. or who went so far over the top that it felt phony and soul-less. or just did what was expected of them in a blank and hollow way. and i learned, it was never about the lavishness of the gesture, but rather, the feeling behind the gesture. so when tom and i were just realizing we were falling for each other and he showed up with a cd for me on valentine's, that was the perfect gift. because i felt adored.

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