Saturday, September 8, 2012

constant thunder like a deep bass hum. heavy gray cloud covered skies. and a wind that the seagulls ride as far as i can see them without moving a wing. the morning feels like night and all the lights need to be on. and it's today that we are having an impromptu little sale to fill tracy with wonderful energy as she begins to produce her exciting new body of work. and to welcome a charming little collection of vintage books to the space. our little village was also planning a collective yard sale, but i'm not sure if that will happen or be postponed. but we'll be at the little white house at 55 mowat, welcoming you in from the storm, from 10 until 2.


  1. Love that picture! "Charming little collection of vintage books" is intriguing...

  2. Thunder, a sure sign that there is a change in season coming. We've had a cool front come through here and it is wonderful...a sign that we may be saying goodbye to 100 plus temperatures until next year...I hope so.

    Good luck on your sale today!

  3. I hope that you were able to have the village fair. The seasons are changing. Here we are on our way into Autumn.
    Its still warm.
    good luck with your sale.
    happy weekend

  4. wish I was closer, I would be there!!

  5. Hope the sale went well ( and the weather got better!)

    Enjoy a new week : )