Saturday, October 27, 2012

it's saturday morning and i'm tucked up in the corner of the couch with coffee and computer.  telulah is sleeping on the pillow beside the iron grate floor vent that has been her favorite spot since the furnace came on.  telulah is failing and her 18 years are starting to show.  she had an overnight at the vet this week hoping to revive her with iv and tests to see if there was anything we could do to make her feel more lively.  she's home now and is a little more interested in her crazy little family and all the goings-on around her.  the studio is calling me and i'll go over soon.  but right now i'm enjoying my quiet little house.  it's an overcast morning and the stillness makes drinking coffee and eating my yogurt and almonds seem like a little luxury.
but i'm eager to get back to my charles bovary quilt.  emma, in her subtle, periwinkle toiles and paisley and floral, dotted in pinks and a few pale greens, has been listed on etsy and awaits her new home.  however, charles is still tangled in the machine being secured into a proper quilt.  i 
hope he's finished today.  
these quilts are the result of listening to books while i work.  i've moved from the bovary's of normandy, to hester prynn and her odd little family  in puritan-era massachusetts.  i wonder what sort of quilt the scarlet letter in all it's rage inducing misogyny will inspire.  


  1. Nice post ..
    mornings are the best part of the day..
    your quilts are beautiful.
    your books sound great.. Scarlet letter.. yes.. what will it reveal with those misogynistic males!
    happy weekend.. A and L

  2. good morning val.....
    thank you. i think i'm doing most of the 'work' and not too much of the creative stuff during the scarlet letter. so i think we'll escape anything too crazy :)
    i hope your morning was lovely. enjoy your weekend.

  3. I love that you are naming your quilts!
    Hope your sweet kitty is resting comfortably.

    1. telulah has rallied considerably over the weekend and seems back to herself.

      the first 100 or so quilts that i made were named. i kept a detailed list of description and name. a few weeks ago a friend bought a quilt and asked for it's name. i'd forgotten that had been part of my quilts. so maybe i'll start again.

  4. so glad Telulah is better, your quilts are just so beautiful, its like each piece is alive, does sound crazy, well they are lovely,