Tuesday, August 6, 2013

i first heard the crickets on july 22nd this year.  in the late afternoon.  while i was in the quilting room.  it is the truest summer sound.  the time when summer reaches it's fullest moments.  crickets with queen anne's lace bursting in the fields.  my favorite flowers.  the dreamy way they wave in the slightest breeze.  the air smells green.  and we take little day trips to the cottage.  we stop at vegetable stands.  and there's usually a visit to a chip truck along the way.      
i went into a grocery store to buy drinks to take to the cottage.  i remember being in there years ago.  i knew it was old.  but when i walked in, my heart lurched.  a vintage grocery store.  it would have seemed old even in the 80s.  the thin strip wood floors, uneven and creaky.  
the musty smell was comforting, not at all repulsive.  now i'm finding a reason to stop there every time we pass by it.  
summer is thick and strong now.  the sounds.  the scents.  august is almost a week old. and there are summer chores we planned to finish last year, that are still unfinished this year.  i wonder if they'll ever be done.  
so the porch is full of cricket song now.  and the air smells of peaches and queen anne's lace.  a trio of my favorites.   


  1. I love that you noted the date you first heard the crickets. You evoke the fullness of summer here. The air smelling of peaches is dreamy...

    1. jen, i love to collect dates. sometimes i don't remember them for long. but i wrote this one down because it seemed like a little celebration when i heard them.....

  2. Oh, I love your picture of Queen Ann's lace and I love your old store. Peaches and Queen Ann's lace- beautiful!