Monday, December 21, 2009

i am happily transitioning upstairs to my paper room tucked under sloped ceilings. piles of books and old dusty pages that have long been forgotten hold my attention for hours as i sift through to find the exactly right old illustration. some printed pages are deeply grooved with each letter pressed into the paper leaving dents. it feels like braille to me. sitting on the wide plank floors beneath the window looking out to the lake, and our side yard beneath with snowed over horseshoe pits and tomato plants that weren't pulled up in the fall, is my idea of happiness. this is my work today. i'll sew a few hours a week to keep enough quilts in the studio. but the next 6 weeks, i'll be knee deep in paper. making stationary sets and individual cards. envelopes that are folded from exceptional old papers. calligraphy on printed pages. corkboards that are like little pieces of art. and sometime in early february {i haven't looked at a calender yet} the paper open house will happen.

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