Sunday, December 6, 2009

i walk across my backyard to get to my studio. every morning. and i make the same delightful trip home at night. last week i stepped out of the back door of the studio, heading toward the warm glow of the kitchen lights, and i found this first. the moon smiling through the trees at me. i'm glad i had my camera hanging on my neck (and my arms full). there are so many little things throughout my day that make it full and happy. that give me smiles and pause. i had a woman burst through my door this week to say she hated the color of my sign. that if i wanted business i'd have to change my sign. that made me giggle all day. i love my sign. i had tea with friends. i snuggled a sleeping 3 week old baby isaac. i made 4 quilts that i love. and all 4 of them sold. i watched the soprano's while i worked. my husband brought me coffee. i found a new use for a fabric i love. my week in the studio was full and beautiful. and in the end the moon smiled on me. i'm pretty sure this coming week will be just as wonderful.

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