Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i love what i do. i am happiest when i'm searching for the right colour or the right image or the right paper or fabric. i'm just happy to be immersed in all the materials that intrigue me. and the best pieces happen from that. and that is how i'm spending my days now. happily at work in the studio. i have lisa and denise from 'willow' to thank for that.

'willow' is a lovely shop on princess street in kingston. they are carrying quilts, napkins, pendants and journals from my studio. i feel very fortunate to have my items among the lovely items they carry. it's more convenient to find my stuff there and i'm sure you'll find other treasures besides.

i am still happy to sell from my studio, but it will be by appointment. i was never able to keep the hours that i set for the store because our lives were always a little too full.

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