Tuesday, September 28, 2010

when i see a sewing machine i get a little lurch in my belly. my own sewing machine doesn't illicit the response as much.... it's when i see one from a distance sitting, waiting, ready to be useful. yesterday i saw a sewing machine set up on a little table, sitting in a living room window. it was just a glance as i drove past the house. and there was a rush of emotion. this happens if i see a dusty and unused sewing machine at a yard sale or the goodwill too. or a picture of a sewing machine in a magazine. it's hard to see them sitting silent and static. i want them all to be my friend. and i want to go home and start making things. memories of my grandmothers invade me and i hear the hummy clacky sounds and see them bent over the little lighted machine. and i know that my relationship to sewing is one of the many gifts from the women i am lucky to have as my ancestors.

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