Friday, October 1, 2010

the other night our friend and neighbor launched her book the body at the tower. it was a lovely evening at our local, independant bookstore. i am often loathe to leave my little portsmouth village compound in the evening after a long day of running errands and creative decisions in the studio. i prefer to relax with tom in our own little world. but i actually changed out of my thread covered clothes (i'm sure there were still a few threads here and there, but i did my best), slapped on some lipstick and headed off. ying had asked me to bring my camera....which was genius on her part, because if i have permission to be the annoying photographer, i'm thrilled to be at an event. and i enjoyed myself completely. i saw old friends, the regular portsmouth village crew, met new people and even found a fabulous book i'd forgotten i wanted. there were wonderful photos and moments and a warm sense of community. i'm so glad i went.....thanks ying.

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