Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i don't like big groups. gatherings where the intention is to mingle with a drink and meet new people. i don't like it. i guess i've never overcome my childhood shyness. although few would consider me shy......it is an immediate reaction to a large group of people i don't know. and even if i know half of them, i'm still anaesthesized with bashfulness. i rarely attend an event if i only know one or two people. so i meet people in a singular way. maybe i'm able to focus and identify what i like or dislike about them easier. but, regardless, i don't like parties. with the exception of our neighborhood gatherings.

we are filling the house with neighbors on the weekend, hosting a murder mystery evening. a 1920's speakeasy with death and mayhem. a party that i can appreciate. we are always aware of how lucky we are to have an abundance of neighbors we love. who we can always count on and enjoy. and this weekend, we'll kill each other off. happy halloween!!!!


  1. I am excited! Although, because Vicky (Krista)and I (Carrie)are pitted against eachother, I have a feeling I'm going to be the first to go. Vicky will be blamed because she's the one with the obvious motive, but we all know it won't be her, that would be too easy! That's all I could come up with for now. . . haha. All I know is that if I do die, I hope it's before I'm supposed to perform a jazz number!

  2. I'll still keep inviting you .... but I'll understand.

  3. thank you caroline. as long as you understand.