Wednesday, October 27, 2010

when the students are here, our little city has approx 145,000 people milling through it's streets and shops and restaurants and hospitals. it's not a small town in the sense that everyone knows everyone, but sometimes it seems to be. in our town i believe the six degrees of seperation theory can be cut in half. i prefer being in the studio for the greater part of my days. and walking edgar along the lake. but there is alot of shopping and errand-running necessary to keep our house flipping ventures on track. so i'm out and about more that i may want to be. (my phone just this very point, with a request to go buy more it will be another 1/2 hour before i can get sewing). i noticed yesterday that i'm never in a store that i don't see a familiar face. there is always someone i know from somewhere.....not necessarily to speak to, but simply to recognize. sometimes i'm annoyed by that, but more often, there's a nice internal smile that accompanies the recognition. i like being surrounded by familiarity.

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