Friday, March 11, 2011

last night i slept on the couch beside edgar. and i actually slept really well. he pushed his big warm head into my hand once in the middle of the night just to feel close. but i think he slept well too. he seemed to wake up fine, but by the middle of the day i was worried that he wasn't himself. so we went for a walk around the harbor. and he was wonderful. happy to be out in the damp march air. sniffing and peeing and smiling. he pulled me to the lake where the ice is breaking up. large areas next to the shore are open and although the ice isn't groaning yet, it won't be long. so thankfully, it appears that edgar's fall wasn't too bad. and spring is just around the corner. i'm listing totes on my etsy shop for spring shoppers.

and my thoughts and prayers and love have been with all the people in the wake of the japan earthquake and tsunami.

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