Sunday, March 20, 2011

there is much to be done in my little world. spring is upon us and the longer days are filling up fast. my closets need to be emptied. receipts need to be compiled for our accountant. the things we have been storing in the 'blue room' (our office) for 3 years need to be disposed of. our yard needs to be raked and cleared of a winter's worth of dog poop. the front garden needs to be re-designed. the garage needs to be cleared out and organized into a workshop. the house needs to be painted. and that just scratches the surface. i'm exhausted just making the list.
but there are six months to pace ourselves. i hope we'll get at least part of the list completed.
and here's hoping hundreds of lovely quilts and totes and napkins and journals come from the studio and out into the world.

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