Sunday, December 16, 2012

this morning the living room is lit by the christmas tree.  the blush of little lights and the added bounce of light as it reflects off all the glass and windows.  and the library/dining room where i'm writing, is lit by the fire.  it sends a warm glimmery square of light onto the cats that sprawl before it.  the only other light is added by the computer screen.  this is the time of year when everything glows a little. i'm enjoying a few early morning moments of quiet before the day fully begins. 
today we're having the last sunday open house before christmas.  the little white house is bursting with holiday warmth and joy.  we'll be inviting you in from 10 until 5 today. 
sterling and hammered steel jewelry. 
vintage and collectible books.
cozy quilts and colorful napkins.  
goats milk soap and all sorts of other surprise treasures await.
drop by the little white house at 55 mowat ave in portsmouth village where you'll find gifts that will be cherished. 


  1. beautiful description of a start to a great day!

    1. thanks brent. the early morning is a dreamy time for me....

  2. Your posts are always so heartwarming and inspiring! I can almost visualize the library/ dining room area.

    I hope you are having a great sale! :)

    1. thank you kris....
      the day was good. we always meet such warm and lovely people when we have an open house. it's a wonderful energy.

  3. Only a few days before Christmas dear Annette
    I am wishing you joy, happiness and love : )