Sunday, December 2, 2012

first things first......our boy is on the mend.  the vet feels that the stones flushed successfully out of his urethra.  he seems back to his wonderful self.  we went for a walk yesterday and he seemed great.  the next hurdle will be removing the catheter and hoping he can resume normal peeing on his own.  i can't say enough how special it was having all your warm and caring thoughts and wishes for edgar.  we really felt the love and i know that made a difference in his strong recovery.  thank you!

although i've had my focus only on getting edgar through this ordeal, life marches on and it is december.  and i have a business to think about.  our first studio sale is today!!! i have the first of my new revamped farmhouse quilts ready to go.  and by revamped i mean, professionally quilted.  it is phenomenal and i'm excited about the direction we're heading with these.  there is also 'the storybook robin', a room full of krista's carefully selected and delightful vintage books that make the perfect little treasured gift.  and denise arsenault has joined us today with her line of lovely sterling jewelry.  

so the studio is open from 10 - 5 today, sunday december 2nd.  we are located in the little white house at 55 mowat avenue in portsmouth village.  


  1. I'm so so happy about Edgar! And I LOVE that quilt in your picture. It is wonderful. I wish I could come to your sale and see it and you in person.

  2. oh, that's good news!

  3. I'm really glad Edgar is recovering that must have been so painful , poor pup! Beautiful photos!I agree with Wild Eden, I would love to come,

  4. I am so glad to hear that Edgar is mending. Such a horrible ordeal for him to go through. It made my day knowing he is on the road to recovery. He looks so contented and I bet you are relieved as well!

    Good luck today!

  5. What great news - so pleased to hear that Edgar is hopefully over the worst. Hoping you have a good day today.

  6. So happy about Edgar. Hope your studio day went well.

  7. arise today

    Blessed by all things,
    Wings of breath,
    Delight of eyes,
    Wonder of whisper,
    Intimacy of touch,
    Eternity of soul,
    Urgency of thought,
    Miracle of health,
    Embrace of God.

    May I live this day.

    John Donaghue

    (Sooo glad to hear Edgar is ok xx)

  8. Edgar's poweful recovering amazed me and made me very happy. You must've assured about him and could focuse to your quilts studio now on.
    Have a nice week ahead.