Thursday, November 29, 2012

in the early winter, there is a magical time of day/night when the world is dark and your house is bright.  it still feels like day because it essentially is.  the house is bustling around getting home from work, preparing dinner, tidying etc.  but the windows are still uncovered and the light of what we do, shines out into the darkness.  seeing life from the darkened outside always gives it a layer of coziness. it's a little like being on the front porch except with the separation of darkened silence. 
the past few days, if you were seeing into the vignettes our windows create, you would see us doting on edgar.  the first day after surgery, he ate and drank and peed and pooed, walked around the yard and rested really well. we were really encouraged. but the second night was a little scary and distressing, as the nights can be.  he was uncomfortable and gassy and seemed in pain. and he didn't care to walk any more.  but we got through that and late in the day yesterday, we were able to get him settled once more on the couch he loves.  there is an elaborate layering of garbage bags, quilts, leak pads and diapers.  and now that he's on the couch, he's like his old self again.  except that he leaks pee and sometimes blood.  and keeping his skin from getting irritated is a challenge. and he's very unsteady on his feet, only able to walk without both tom and i actively involved.
in a few hours, we're taking him back to our wonderful vet, and he will try to flush this stone out of his urethra and back up into the bladder.  it seems like such a little thing.  but it's so huge to our little life.  thank you for all your wonderful caring comments and your prayers.     


  1. Oh I hope that darn stone comes out! Poor sweet Edgar.

  2. Any way Edgar has survived his tough time and condition. It's great. I'm sure he would feel your affection well.

  3. I love the cozy way a home looks on a cold winter evening. You described it so well. We are all thinking about and praying for Edgar, you and Tom. We love and miss you and I wish I could be there with you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. I can see how wonderfully tender you are with Edgar, making him comfortable. It is so very hard to see your beloved pet hurting. Our pets are just like our children, dependent on us for their needs. It's such a small price to pay for the unconditional love they give to us.

    My heart and prayers are with you and hopefully the vet will be able to flush the stone back into his bladder. :)

  5. All of you and your powerful kind thoughts and comments have really helped me. Our wonderful vet was able to flush the stones this morning and there is no blockage now. He will remove the catheter next week and edgar will be back to normal!!!!
    Thank you to each of you who kept encouraging me the past couple of weeks.

  6. Edgar has been in my thoughts and I do hope that the vet will be able to work a miracle on that awful stone.
    poor fellow.
    sending him love from his 4 friends in Portugal.
    xxx val

  7. good luck. I hope he gets better soon. keep us posted xo