Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it was snowing tonight when we brought edgar home.  little gusts of white around the lights.  the first gentle snow i've seen this year.  he was so very groggy from almost 5 hours of surgery.  a 'marathon', our dear vet, uncle d'arcy, called it.  when we arrived home, our friends met us and helped carry him in to his bed by the fire.  we are still very much in a crisis, for although an entire speciman jar of pea sized stones were removed from his bladder, the one stone that is lodged in his urethra wouldn't budge.  this is definitely a life threatening situation.  we are hoping that the inflammation will diminish and this awful little piece of rock can be flushed back into his bladder.
for tonight, he is comfy, under quilts and cats, by the fire, drifting in and out of consciousness.  and when he wakes, he whines for water and drinks heartily, which is a wonderful sign.   


  1. I really hope he gets better. thinking of you xo

  2. Poor Edgar,
    I hope that he gets better soon.. He looks cosy.
    lots of water might just do the trick.

  3. Mike called to tell me what was going on. Edgar looks so comfy and warm under your quilts. My heart is with you all. I wish I could be there with you.

  4. 5 hours! Poor dear. He is so lucky to have you and all the love.

  5. I can see that Edgar is getting all the care and love you can give him. Hope that the stone is flushed out of his urethra quickly and he gets some peace and comfort.

  6. Oh my goodness! Bless his heart! I feel so bad for him! I just hope that the inflammation subsides and the stone can be flushed back to his bladder.

    You know, I had a gallstone that was lodged in a duct and had to have two surgeries...one to remove my gallbladder and another to remove the stone that was in my duct. It seemed that I needed two different specialists to finish the job. I have to say, I think I can understand how Edgar must have felt/or still may be feeling...it is really painful!

  7. The good sign makes me releave...I hope the situation will be milder sooner. The quilt for Edgar looks warm and lovely...

  8. Hello Anette
    How is Edgar! I hope that he is getting better. Poor dogs, they cant tell us what's wrong.
    best wishes for him

  9. Thank you all so much for loving Edgar the way you do. He is doing everything he should be doing and is quite amazing considering the ordeal he has been through. In the morning we are going back in to the vet and we will try again to flush out this terrible stone.
    I 'll try to write soon.