Tuesday, November 6, 2012

it's like summer never was.  like barefoot was never an option.  like the leaves were never a whisper above instead of a crunch underfoot.  like i didn't step out of bed into flipflops and a sunny morning to take edgar blearily along the lake at 6am.  now i wake up to the robotic murmur of the furnace blowing the house hot.  it would be nice if hibernating was an option for me.  i'd curl under a stack of quilts and sleep until april. 

my jane eyre quilt will be finished today.  and if i'm lucky, so will mr. rochester.  i'll try to get them photographed as well, but that may not happen until tomorrow.  i finally photographed charles bovary yesterday.  and listed it on etsy.  he's very masculine and solid.  but with a soothing gentleness at the same time.    


  1. You expressed my feeling about the change of seasons, beautifully.
    I love charles bavary quilt and look forward to seeing the others. Brilliant inspiration.

  2. such beautiful words and beautiful quilt, have a wonderful day,

  3. We haven't even turned our heat on here. The weather is still warm and at times our air-conditioner kicks on. Hard to believe in November!

    Beautiful photo of the quilt on your bed. :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. The other day it was grey, drizzly, damp and I mentioned to 'H' that it has the effect of blotting out how blue the sky was and how brightly the sun shone literally just a couple of days previously.

  5. I have my wood all ready with the firestarters .. My cushions all puffed up and ready.. to sit and read my book before bed..
    I only said to my sister a few days ago.. I wish i could be like the bear's and hibernate until spring..!! ditto.
    I do like the way you describe your quilts Annette.
    Happy sewing.
    Its raining heavily here today.