Friday, July 19, 2013

i ate my breakfast at the coffee shop this morning.  i walked out the kitchen door with my hair hanging down my back, damp from the bath, the house and kitchen terrible in their messiness, and ezra eating his breakfast.  i walked up to the corner for coffee and a bagel....the house was too hot and un-clean to think about making coffee and finding something to eat at home and tom was working early.  and when i stepped into the air-conditioned, coffee soaked space, i wanted to stay a few extra minutes.  i spoke to a neighbor who wondered if i'd stopped putting out my daily poem and i explained that it is really time consuming to find tiny little poems that aren't too dark, to fit on my little chalkboard. but that i plan to keep it up, it's just been a busy few weeks. (did i tell you, i had been putting a poem in the garden every morning at the studio?) i sat and ate my bagel beside a table of middle-aged men who were having a morning conversation about cars, the city of detroit declaring bankruptcy, and seeing girls doing yoga in the park......interesting in it's perfect cliche-ness.   now i'm home and there is a breeze that has been swooping up from the lake. i am sitting on the porch with my coffee and computer, flanked by ezra and stella, sprawled on either side of me.  and i'm heading to the studio to finish the quilt tops i've been working on before the full strength of the heat hits.    


  1. The poem is a brilliant idea--I love it.

    Breakfast out is such a nice treat. This heat wave is everywhere. It's finally supposed to break tomorrow night for us.

    Hope it cools down for you too.

  2. I really like the idea of a poem board in the garden or by a gateway so people can stop and read. Though it would take time, the sharing of poetry is always worth it. Bravo! And congratulations for treating yourself to breakfast out. What a great beginning to a heat held day.

  3. A while ago I left a few small poems on bits of paper in and around the city. I have no idea who (if anyone) found them but I love the mystery.. the train of thought that disappears into the world... the loveliness of words. Your poem board could really contain a few lines from your posts.. they are poetry in themselves ♥♥♥♥♥♥