Thursday, July 18, 2013

it has been a collection of still and breathless july days that you have to slow down and sink into, to endure.  everything swollen with moisture.  the humid layers of paint on the old panelled doors, jammed in their frames and centuries of dampness hanging in the air.  decades of scents seeping from the damp wood and plaster.   the floorboards creak and are damply sticky on my bare feet. i love these days, when summer doesn't compromise.  all my work moves outside.  the cats sprawled in the sun.  and ezra on the porch swing with a gigantic fan keeping him cool.  my sewing and ironing under the huge tree that shades the deck off the studio.  lots of water kept in the refrigerator.  a fog of heat moves along the lake.  and an occasional breeze.  i don't get as much done, but the day is full of the sweet rarities of summer.  so the trade off is a fair one.  


  1. Such beautiful description of summer--sensual.

  2. Hi Anette, lovely post! It's wonderful to savour these magnificent days. Speaking of magnificent...I have been oogling your quilts on etsy. That custom collaged from childhood queensize one turned out absolutely spectacular!!! I'm sure the customer will be absolutely thrilled. The fabrics in it are so joyful. Congrats on a beautiful job.

  3. To go out for working on your quilts sounds great.
    I love the image and writing about summer when it doesn't compromise.