Thursday, January 9, 2014

it's been a quite a holiday.  resting.  and reconnecting.  and togetherness.  a lot of togetherness.  i'm still not back to the stucio.  i'm working.  but just doing the sewing that i can do from home.  ezra and stella on the couch with me.  the fire adding warmth and pure coziness.  bbc period dramas on netflix.  i've needed this.   and the crazy weather sort of forced it upon us.  first there was ice.  then snow.  and then temperatures that with the wind chill factored in, hovered between -30 and -40 degrees.  icy sidewalks. streets that people were actually skating on.  the house banging and shaking in the night from the 'frostquakes' triggered by the drastic changes in temperature.  so we cozied into the library (my favorite room) and had a little winter holiday.  ezra had a few 'bambi' moments on the ice, but he really did well.  ellsworth is going a little stircrazy from being inside all the time.  but we've all found a great rhythm.  i started sewing again around New Years.  and i have the bones of 5 large throw quilt tops almost ready to move to the studio.  working at a luxurious pace and spending time with the ones i love.  it's been a marvelous start to the year.  


  1. happy new year my friend
    sound lovely as always at your place

    1. oh, demie.......thank you so much for your beautiful card. it surprised me and made me so happy. all the christmas stuff is down, but your beautiful card is hanging by the fireplace. that;s it's home now, \

  2. I don't mind cold if I'm dressed for it--but I hate the ice! We've been watching Foyle's War--BBC and loving it. Happy New Year!

  3. happy new year jen!!! i've noticed foyle's war but haven't watched it. i'll have to try it. i hope you're staying cozy with all the weather :)

  4. sounds wonderful Annette! I will have to mine your BBC period drama suggestions, next time we meet. I do love them.