Friday, December 20, 2013

if it wasn't so ominous, the sound of the freezing rain falling when i step outside the kitchen door, would be beautiful. it's whispery and soft.  tinkly and misty.  but the predictions of it's destructive results are dire.  they are talking about freezing rain for days and widespread power outages.  so my kitchen is abuzz now.  the windows steamed over.  all the elements on the stove fired up.   three pots of pasta.  all the salmon from the freezer in the oven, perogies frying, eggs boiling.  things we can eat cold.  
i always have a tickle of excitement during these quasi-emergencies....when life as we know it shifts to something a little more basic.  more human really. tom tells me not to cook everything we have in the house.  it's hard for me not to.  but i didn't boil the whole dozen, just 6 of them.  and only one bag of perogies.  i am a person that goes all in.  with pretty much everything i love, i love it all the way.  so, tom is sometimes that necessary voice of moderation.  
so the house is warm and sweet with the smells of food.  and the world i know is covered in a coat of ice and it keeps falling from the sky in it's own pretty way, pretending it's a song instead of a storm.


  1. I really dislike freezing rain almost as much as hard wind. Either one will take the power out, enjoy the meal, I can almost smell it.

  2. Ah, you paint a very pretty picture of the coming storm.

  3. I hope it all does not get that bad as predicted! BUT you seem to make the best out of it... there is a little something I hear... could it be that you love the cozyness about it? Wishing good, warm days! Christa

  4. I think what you are doing is sensible... stock up with goodies you can eat cold.
    The weather sounds awful bad. Keep warm , stay safe.
    Here its become colder.. no snow or ice..just temp. dropping. woodburner on 24/7..
    Thanks for all the lovely posts over the year.
    thank you for your comments on my blog.
    wishing you a wonderful christmas ..hugs to Ezra.
    val x x

  5. There is something so cozy about a storm, being shut in (though ice storms can be dangerous). I love reading about your preparation. xo

  6. The food all sounds so good. We had ice too but our electric has not gone out. I was wondering what Christmas would be like without electric. It sounds cozy, but maybe without heat it wouldn't be cozy at all. I hope you made it through without losing light and heat and all. I miss you.

  7. Hoping you weathered the storm, enjoyed the food, and had a lovely warm Christmas and New Year! Smiles...Susan

  8. it has been wild weather wise thats for sure, Happy New Year to you all,

  9. Thank you for all your lovely words. We fared well with the storm and had a wonderful Christmas and relaxing new year. Now I'm finally getting some work done again :)

  10. My comment is late but as they say..better than never.. glad to hear you weathered the storm… a New Year now! Phew.. Deep breath. Looking forward to future adventures.

    1. angy.....we are so ready for a fresh start this year. good energy and a healthy and happy year is what we're looking forward to and wishing for everyone!!!