Thursday, December 12, 2013
so, this fabulous creature arrived at the door today.  tom's abominable sweater.  complete with lights and a battery pack.  we found it a few weeks ago on etsy and he is beyond tickled with it.  he came bursting in the back door of the studio, strutting, with the lights glowing. and the biggest smile on his face.  it is easily his new favorite thing.  there is no mystery what he'll wear to christmas dinner.  or to our christmas movie watching night with our friends this weekend.  or until the sweater just gets too stinky to wear's not washable of course.  it's electric!!!
in other is the second day of our quilty christmas.  and the star of the day is a large throw that i quite love.
it has a bit of a story..... before i'd moved to making my farmhouse patchwork, i made almost all my quilte from 7 inch squares (and before that it was 12 inch squares). i had a king sized quilt top in the studio, made from 7 inch squares.  and i didn't really love it.  and couldn't imagine myself ever finishing it. so, i started to cut.  i cut it and sewed it back together.  and then cut it again.  and sewed it again.  this went on a few times until i'd turned a king sized top into a cozy and soft throw, with tiny, uneven and randomly colored squares. and this is today's featured quilt.  it adds interest and warmth on a bed.  or waits on the back of the sofa to get pulled around you while watching tv.  it's perfect to snuggle under alone, or with someone else too.  it measures 73 by 50 inches.  and for more info, you can check out the etsy listing.  
i hope you find ways to keep the holiday stress down and have wonderful fun times with family and friends.      


  1. Great story about an electric sweater and unique quilt. Your way on making quilt seems to always make improvement. Stay warm and have a nice weekend.

  2. oh thank you haricot. i love calling it 'the electric sweater'. it is very cold here......i hope you are having a wonderful december!!!