Thursday, December 5, 2013

tom is playing guitar and singing.  ezra snuggled into me on the couch.  i'm drinking green tea chai.  and knitting.   there is a fire burning in the corner.  and i had big chunks of lindt milk chocolate instead of dinner.  tom is playing my favorite song from his repertoire right now.  that usually means he's about to stop and wants to leave me happy when he goes up to bed.  tomorrow is his early morning, so he goes to bed earlier than me.  (he just stood up and put down his guitar.....i read him what i wrote about him playing my favorite song before he quits, and he laughed and said...."you got it, pontiac.")
i'm knitting every evening now. knitting because i'm desperate to feel the wool and the hand crafted cedar knitting sticks i bought this weekend.  (i like calling them sticks instead of needles.  they don't feel like needles).  the wool is soft and light, a bit like a pale gray cloud, both in weight and colour.  wool that was dyed by hand in a bath of plant dyes. and the knitting sticks are smooth, light but substantial.  they have been shaped and shaved and smoothed all by hand.    and they settle warmly into my hands.  the scent of cedar infuses my skin.  and my knitting.  so i sit with my ezra, knitting into the night.  with ezra's snores replacing tom's songs.  it's a good night. 


  1. What a beautiful post. I feel like I was there. I can feel the heat and hear Tom's music. I can taste the tea. I love that you are knitting. I've been longing to feel knitting in my hands too.

  2. Oh fun--I love the secret guitar language you and Tom have.

    You make me want to learn to knit.