Monday, December 9, 2013

the air was heavy and gray today.  the sort of day that demands a few cups of tea.  the sweet steam and the warmth pressing into my palms brightened the gloom a little.  and while i sat sipping tea in the mid-morning, tom started our holiday decorating.  he always gets the ball rolling with christmas traditions.  he has inherited pieces from his grandmother, and ornaments from his great grandmother. i think his favorite is the entire cast of rudolph figures his sister left in his care when she moved to australia. he set up everything except the tree.  i think that is our quest for tomorrow. 
this is our first christmas with ezra. such a happy and vivacious spirit he's brought to our home.  and christmas will be extra special this year with him. he has a way of erasing the sadness that sometimes sweeps in when we miss our wonderful edgar. 
so we look forward for this christmas season as it rolls in.        


  1. I'm excited about Ezra's first Christmas with you. I love thinking of you all there in your cozy home celebrating together.

  2. thank you lisa. lots of nights by the firs. guitar. netflix. it's really been lovely so far. xoxox