Monday, December 2, 2013

the week has started out gray.  but not gloomy.  i love monotone days when the air matches the sky.  ezra was limping yesterday after a dash across the yard.  i'm learning that this is his way.  today it seems to have cleared up, and our walks have been a pleasure through the puddly snow.  ezra has learned to sleep on our bed with my legs entwined with his.  and my feet warming on his belly. until recently he would jump off the bed if i got too touchy feely with him while he was sleeping.  but now he is wrapped around my feet, while stella purrs with her head on my hip, and tom's breathing on my other side has slowed down to sleep breathing. and the laptop glows on my lap. 
i am spending the early part of this week tidying my studio to make it more welcoming when i open sunday afternoon for customers.  the next few sundays before christmas i'm open in the afternoon so if a quilt is on your list, come by the studio.  

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