Sunday, September 13, 2009

the back porch is where i go to be quiet. it's where i find myself when i'm excited & happy. it's where i need to be when i'm tired or frustrated or sad. i drink my morning tea on the porch and spend a few minutes writing in my journal. i hang our laundry on the clothesline from the porch. the back porch is where our life happens. our porch swing is covered with pillows and quilts, and often a couple of cats, and is never tidy. it's the perfect reading spot. edgar, our 5 year old blue great dane, perches on it, sometimes climbing up and sleeping with the cats. we have barbecues on the porch; our friends playing guitar and drinking beer under 'the stars'......the roof is full of little white lights we call the stars that are left over from our wedding (oh yeah, 9 years ago, we got married on the porch). last summer we watched 'breakfast at tiffany's' from the porch with the screen set up in the yard. and it was from our porch, that i watched my neighbor's little girl running under the crabapple tree at dusk, chasing lightning bugs. tom (my husband) had found jars in the kitchen, pressed a nail through the lids for air holes, and was teaching her how to catch lightning bugs to watch them glow for a few minutes in the jar and then let fly off into the night. during july, our yard is popping with lightning bugs, gathered under the crabapple tree and along the edge of the porch. everywhere. bursting little yellow lights. these moments represent the sweet and simple beauty in life that i never grow tired of. chasing lightning bugs.

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  1. That is so cool. I was going to ask how you came up with that name. Now I know!