Monday, September 14, 2009

it's almost autumn. but not quite. the air still smells of clipped grass. the windows are still wide open letting in the scent of lake and sun. but we close them halfway at night now. the crickets sing all the time....not just at night. the sky is clear. the air is bright. queen anne's lace still stands in the fields {and in my front yard where i sow seeds every spring} but not as thick and white as it was a few weeks ago. the nights are cooler. there is a reminder in the air that summer only has a few breaths left.

today i had friends stopping by the studio while i worked. and they brought their kids. luca is almost 3 and he thought i was very lucky to have a tape measure. he liked meeting edgar, but was disappointed he wasn't able to find any cats. and 10 day old clara bea who still naturally folds into the shape of a womb. her skin so clear and soft and new. she slept and made dainty little snorts as everyone took turns holding her and staring into her perfect little face.
and between visitors i made tea towels and a bowl of napkins.

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