Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we had a little vacation today. it's our anniversary. and we had the best day. a weekday with no plans and only your own whims to please can be a great re-connect day. it's the sort of day that was easy to find in youth. class is easy to skip. even work is easy to skip when you're young. but for us, a day that you wander around downtown shops, buying little things that catch your eye and basically killing time is the sort of luxury i forgot i wanted. a day off is great. it's a day i usually get caught up on all the projects that i need to do. but today neither of us did that. we had a lazy morning making breakfast and then wandered downtown around 1.00 pm. as if we were in a new city or a vacation spot, instead of our own city. we bought a few clothes and went in some shops we wouldn't have normally thought of going in. we had a really early dinner since we'd had such a late and lazy breakfast. and then home to walk the dog and watch a movie. a great day.

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