Saturday, November 20, 2010

i love to wander through houses that are ready to be tweeked back to their original beauty. we explore basements, musty and cobwebby. and kitchens that worked hard for years, feeding families and hosting holidays. the bathrooms are the most difficult for me because what others find ugly and ready to be replaced, i love. i love the pink and green tiles from the 60s. sometimes there is black tile trim that makes it even more lovely to me. it feels classic and solid and i always want it to survive. i haven't yet been forced to tear out one of those bathrooms. but i'm sure if we keep doing this, the day will come.
it's hard to take a house that has embraced a family for decades and sentence it to be torn apart. i'm very careful to try to listen to the house. make things fresh and bright but not change the entire aesthetic. i am anxious to find our next house.

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