Monday, January 28, 2013

getting up early feels purposeless without edgar's warm steady breathing filling the room.  it's been difficult to start my day and be productive.  but gradually i'm finding my way back. making my way to the studio even for a few hours every day.  i'm working on a small and limited little collection of quilts.  the quilt tops that i pieced together while i was home with edgar.  my edgar quilts.  after i realized he was dying, i knew these would be special quilts.  there are four of them.  lovely farmhouse throws, professionally quilted by megan.  although i'm always tempted, i never keep my favorite quilts.  but this time, i'm keeping one.  so there will be three farmhouse quilts listed in the next little while that are infused exquisitely in love (even more than my quilts usually are)   

tracy sent me this photo last night.  a photo she took of one of his quilts that he had torn a heart into. jump starting my work, sending me off into this new week with purpose!


  1. such a tender hearted post, I think you should keep at least one, be happy,

  2. I ma glad you are keeping one Annette
    frame that photo please : )

  3. That picture is so sweet! Glad you are keeping a quilt--I look forward to seeing the others. I'm so happy with my Miss Havisham!

  4. Dear Annette.. I am not sure if Edgar was your dog or Lauras..but he was the family pet.. I wrote on your last post.
    I am so so sorry at the loss of dear Edgar.. I loved to read about him.. I am pleased you are keeping a bed cover in memory of him.
    Its very hard. My heart is with you.
    Stay strong .. I will always remember Edgar..
    best wishes.

  5. I sat down to catch up on all my favourite blogs... I checked on yours because you've been away for a while... Now I know why. I can't see the screen very well through my tears.... all that I could possibly say is quite frankly not what I want to say because my heart wish is for you to have him back. I saw this the other day... It's Jimmy Stewart on the Johnny Carson show - reading a poem about his hound Beau.... I'm sure it will hurt to watch but I'm also sure that the tears will stem from the great love you had for your Edgar.... and great love deserves great grief too, yes? ♥♥♥

    When you're ready.....

  6. i am so lucky to have such wonderful people across the glob that cheer me. thank you so much. your words mean so much to me. xoxo