Saturday, February 2, 2013

i've been sewing.  trying to sew through the absence of him.  i'm still finishing the quilts that i made with him.  the edgar quilts.  this is one of them, the one listed on etsy.  and i'm wrapped up in mine right now, the one i kept.  it's our new favorite quilt.

i haven't found my way just yet.  i'm still struggling through.  but the fabrics are keeping me focused.  there are several quilts on the go.  i delivered a stack of them yesterday to megan for her to make them magical with her wonderful quilting.  it lifted my spirits, driving through the sun on a cold day.  the back country roads.  the warm sweet smell of farm in the air.  her happy and rosy cheeked girls just awake from their naps excited to show me their own special quilts. the woodstove pumping heat into the cozy farmhouse kitchen. and looking at the quilts she's working on.  megan sells on etsy as well.  here's the link to her shop

stella is curled up against me, sleeping in the folds of the quilt.  she has made it her mission to stay by my side.  she misses him.  she finds his blankets and presses her face into them like i do. she is a warm little soul all soft and sad. so we pass the early morning together, waiting for the daylight when i'll go across the yard and sew.


  1. oh my gosh, grieving is so hard, my heart goes out to you,

  2. That Edgar quilt is truly inspired. Such a wonderful mix of fabrics--cheerful and calm, infused with your love for him.

  3. oh Annette it takes time...
    I love the Edgar quilt and I'm gald you have Stella

    lots of love xoxoxo

  4. Such warm colours! Edger is alive in your memories with the quilts.

  5. again, your words warm my heart and make my days easier. i'm so lucky to have you wonderful ladies in my life.