Saturday, February 16, 2013

this morning the sun is bright.  and i slept until it was pouring in the windows.  i'm taking it slow this morning.  easing into the day with orange juice and tea.  watching re-runs of 'will and grace'.  my equivalent of saturday morning cartoons.  a smoothie and tea.  cats curled on quilts.  i wish i could stay like this all day.  but i have a quilt to finish and a studio that needs a makeover for tomorrow's sale.  

there is a lovely little extra for tomorrow's sale.  in the morning we have a special guest.... mellow lilly.  a local singer/songwriter who's gorgeous voice will brighten up a chilly february morning and swim beautifully through the little white house.  

tomorrow, sunday, the 17th, we are open.  55 mowat ave in portsmouth village, from 10 until 5.  books and quilts and jewelry.  and live music.  it's going to be a great sunday!!!


  1. That sounds lovely, I will probably be there.

  2. Your morning sounds lovely--easing into the day is such a pleasure.
    Live music will be icing on the cake of the little white house!

  3. sounds perfect, sounds wonderful!

  4. Looking forward to stopping by... enjoy your beautiful day!