Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the nightsounds were loud above us as we slept.  i lay awake to the music of heavy icy rain pinging off the metal roof that covers our bedroom.  the darkest part of night.  the rumble of sleep and stella's frantic hunt for warmth as she snuggles under the duvet and into my arms. i stayed in the dark snuggling and listening until the other cats began pacing and whining for me to start the day with them.  
the rain has stopped. the cats are fed and the fire is warming the library.  the kettle is on the boil and blueberries rinsed for breakfast.  the day is on it's way.   


  1. Dear Annette,
    My night was not far off yours. I have my dogs.. the wind was woowing during the night.. and we were all snuggled up.
    We have sun here..but its -1 at the moment.. thats cold for us.
    looking forwrd to spring..
    sending best wishes
    val xx

  2. I love lying in bed and listening to the rain.

  3. Rain.... I love it. In bed listening to the rain... cosy, cup of tea, a warm body to snuggle... simply put - HEAVEN on EARTH.♥♥

  4. I dream of a tin roof over our bedroom some day.