Saturday, March 2, 2013

i rarely do shows outside of the studio.  i just don't feel comfortable outside of my little domain.  but i'm beginning to find some that i want to be part of.  today there is one of those shows right in our neighborhood.  at the harbour, just three houses down from ours.  'she creates' showcases women and benefits interval house.  i'm not sure of all the services that interval house provides for women, but i know it is fantastic.  when i was dropping off my table fee, i was at the door with other people who used their services.  a mother with a small boy.  climbing the stairs to the door, the little boy said 'look mama, this is our nice house'. a toddler who appreciated having a safe place to live.  i was crying when i got back in the car.

so, if you're in the kingston area, come by portsmouth olympic harbour and support the work that women do to help each other.  i believe there are activities for kids and adults too.  today from 11 until 4.  i'll be there with quilts and a few smaller items.      

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  1. That is one gorgeously beautiful 'blues' quilt hanging flapping in the winter breeze! I hope 'She Creates' show was fun for you. I wonder if they will run in next year? If so I'd be interested to give it a whirl too.