Tuesday, March 12, 2013

this quilt is a celebration.  a joyful collection of a childhood.  jumpers and dresses, pyjamas and skirts.  all cut and sewn into a collage of fabric to cherish for a lifetime.  i'm really happy with this quilt.  and it's been a great experience making it.  for many years people have asked me to make these sorts of quilts.  but they really didn't fit into my repertoire.  since i don't use a pattern or tutorials or follow any sort of direction, i have to work my way into a new direction in my own fashion.  and for so many years, the squares i used were too large for these sort of quilts to work.  but now that i'm concentrating on my farmhouse quilts, it's the perfect fit for this sort of application.  and i felt an immediate connection with the customer when she contacted me and we started to discuss it.  i felt that together we could make this work.  
a box of fantastic clothes arrived at my door....a little like christmas in february.  and after sorting through them, i had to start cutting.  it was hard to start cutting into these little gems.  but once i got started, the vision came to light. the clothing has a presence and we worked along together ironing and sewing little strips of fabric, layering colors and patterns until the beauty of the quilt emerged.  i imagine the family snuggled under the quilt, remembering good times and recognizing fabrics from favorite clothes.  
i think this sort of quilt is also a beautiful way to commemorate a loved one after death.  it's so hard to sort through the clothing of someone you've lost and who you miss so much. clothing is so intimate.  like the touch of the person is still in the fabric.  but having a quilt that carries the memory forward to another generation is  really special. 
the quilts i make are always teaching me, carrying me in new directions.  and this latest path is a beautiful new chapter.  


  1. It's beautiful - those are the kinds of quilts I love the most - the ones with a story to tell. Liz ww

  2. Oh, I'd like to see the quilt in person! So beautiful and so it is your description about it.

  3. This turned out GORGEOUS Annette! The client must be over the moon. I agree, it must certainly have been hard to cut into those wonderful little outfits that you showed us, but even more wonderful that they can be enjoyed again in a new way in this cozy quilt! I like how you fitted them into your aesthetic, a true work of art.

  4. This is a lovely memorable quilt Annette,
    Its turned out so beautiful.
    I started one about 40 years ago, doing the same thing. using old used clothes of mine ,my children and family.. I worked half way through it and put it away. Its sill packed away.
    I must see if i can bring it out.
    Your quilts are beautiful.
    happy sewing.
    val xx

  5. Beautiful--so warm and cheerful. I love the whole family connection.

  6. I love the thinking behind each and every one of your quilts.
    This one is indeed very special.
    I have been keeping som of my kids baby and early years clothing, fabric toys even bed covers... I might sent them to you Annette ;)

    lots of love from Norway

  7. Oh, I love this. There was an elderly lady who babysat me when I was very young and she made quilts like this. She made a tiny one for my doll. I still have it. It is one of my favorite things. I'm so happy you are doing this and I love your new quilting machine!