Saturday, March 16, 2013

much has been happening in my little world.  at least for me it's alot.  changes.  major newness.  and uncertainty.  
it has been 2 months since we lost edgar.  and he's never out of my mind.  he's part of everything i do.  at first i was devastated and paralyzed.  unable to work or do much of anything.  now i'm working, in fact i'm swimming in quilts and fabric.  but change is both home and studio.  
recently we have become involved with a couple of great dane rescues.  i have never had a rescue dog, but now i feel like our lives are in a place where that is more reasonable.  and there are so many wonderful danes that are begging for the love and security we can offer.  we have found a lovely guy who was found starving and being used in a horrible backyard breeding situation.  he is loving and sweet, just not crazy about cats.  so, he's coming tomorrow to have a little test run with us.  to see if we can convince him that cats are ok.  
and quilt tops are piling up and quilting them on my little kenmore is no longer even kind of feasible.  megan has been busy quilting  as well, but there is only so much she can do with her busy little family.  so i've found a second-hand quilting frame and machine that will take up an entire room in the studio.  i'm fortunate to have the space to accomodate it, but i'm nervous about the transformation and the commitment.  to say nothing of the frustration of figuring out how to use it. 
so, my weekend is full.  and my nerves are aflutter in anticipation. next week will be full of new challenges for us!!!   


  1. How lovely. Bless your heart Annette. Hope your weekend is as rewarding as it sounds

    1. Thank you you bev. It's exciting and nerve-racking But I know it will be good.

  2. I am excited for you! Big changes and I am so so sorry about Edgar. I am happy to hear you are embracing some lovely new challenges?

  3. Thank you Katie. It's been a tough couple of months. But spring is on its way!!!

  4. I do hope that this lovely big boy settles down happily with you all.

  5. Hope the visit turns into permanent for all of you.

  6. I so admire you considering taking on a rescue dog. He or she will be so lucky to have you!

    I hope the transition to the large frame/machine goes smoothly. That is quite a change in your cozy world.

  7. I'm also excited reading about your circumstance changing and fascinating weekend.


  8. I am sure that Edgar would be very happy , knowing that you have rescued a doggy friend. That is admirable..
    I have 5 dogs, one is a rescue.
    Lots happening around your place Annette.. very busy times.
    what excitement to have a new machine. wish you luck..
    happy sewing.