Friday, March 29, 2013

after so many still months, i am walking along the lake again.  the air is sweet.  the lake is fresh.  ezra has joined our family.  and the light is returning to our lives.  ezra is a 4 year old great dane from a rescue organization.  we are 'fostering' him until we're sure he can endure the cats.  he's only been here since sunday, but we are so in love, it's crazy.
the other day we were heading over the bridge to the lake.  we met a lady we'd seen the day before.  she was walking with an older lady who had a little dog with her.  the woman from the night before said to me in a surprised and sympathetic tone..."he'll fall if he stops walking?" i realized right away that the older woman thought it was edgar i was walking with.  and she'd told the other woman all about him.  i love when edgar is talked about and loved by strangers.  the older lady and i ended up standing and talking as i told her about edgar's surgery and subsequent cancer.  as we started to head towards home, she apologized for bringing up the pain of edgar's death.  i assured her that i loved him being remembered by others and that i love remembering him.  she choked up and put her hand on her chest and told me that he had really touched her, that she was touched at how he was determined to keep up with me as we walked everyday.  i had tears on my cheeks as we walked home. 
so you will hear much more about ezra as he helps to heal my heart and bring spring into our days.    
this is my favorite photo of him so far.  ezra and tracy in the studio.  he is a studio dog for sure.....sprawled on the couch while i make quilts. 


  1. Couldn't sleep tonight... catching up on blogs, am so happy to read your post :-)
    Welcome Ezra! I look forward to meeting you both (soon). Happy Spring Annette

    1. yes, christine....we must meet. yesterday i burned your candles. in the morning. and then later, after dinner, at night. i feel like they fill the room with edgar.