Saturday, March 30, 2013

when i awaken in the earliest morning.  and i am warm and sleepy in my bed.  and thoughts start spinning through my groggy mind.  jolted with worry.  drifting through the scenarios of ruin.  and they will not stop.  warm snoring dog at my feet.  and the steady breath of tom beside me.  but i have to sneak away.  bare feet cold on the wood plank floors.  i come downstairs and start the fire.  meet the day and face it's demands.  make tea.  feed telulah from her special canned food stash.  activity chases away the unease.  my work can save us.  the hollow of night begins to thin, and day is thick and plump ahead of me.  


  1. beautiful words of self-therapy!! 'the hollow of night' - profound!! have a great day.

  2. Oh those worries that creep into the wee hours of a day....they feel do big. Your words captured how I have felt many times... The only remedy is action. The simple act of turning the kettle on, feels like relief.

  3. Such lovely words Anette,
    I see you have Tom now. I have been a little behind.
    looking forward to reading more about him. He looks lovely.
    your mornings sound much like mine.
    This morning I had a hot cross bun.
    Hopefully we might have some sun.
    happy Monday

  4. Beautiful image..such soft-lit textures.. atmospheric..gorgeous... and wonderfully written post! Lovely to meet a kindred from Ontario too..small world!

  5. The groggy mind... You never know what it will have in store.