Saturday, April 6, 2013

we are on the couch. ezra and me and a cup of tea. enjoying our evening after a delightful day of sunshine and studio time and wonderful people.  ezra fits perfectly into our lives.  one of our neighbors said the other day, that she thinks edgar found ezra and sent him to us.  i love that idea and i think there must be something to that.  
today the studio was full of spring energy.  tracy and dave bringing me starbucks early early started it all off perfectly.  a long meandering wander by the lake with ezra, meeting new people and dear friends.  and then back to the quilts where i finished a lovely black and red single quilt.  it's always so rewarding when i finally take a quilt, all warm and puckery, from the drier.  it is only at that moment that i see it's full completed self.  
early in the afternoon, my friend marc walked in the back door carrying his skateboard and a bag of goodies for me.  music and my favorite tea (see photo).  he had never met tracy or ezra....i love when all the people dear to me know each it was nice to complete the circle. 
the best sushi in the city happens to be a 2 minute walk away from us.  so when marc and i needed some lunch, we walked up to the corner and shared fresh and delicious rolls.  
it's nice to relive the high points of a day.  and today was full of them.   


  1. yes it is nice to relive high points of a day, the contentment it brings, it warms body and soul,work that went the way you liked it, people one feels connected with and in your case beautiful ezra, glad he found you, x

  2. It is so uncanny how ezra looks a lot like Edgar.
    I think your neighbour has a real point.
    sometimes god's gift come to us in unexpected ways.
    I am so happy for you Annette, that ezra has found you and you him..
    your new quilt sounds lovely.
    happy sunday

  3. Wait! How did I miss Ezra joining your family? I have to go look at your previous posts. There's been a couple weeks in the last month or so that I wasn't on the internet much. Anyway, lovely post and happy spring!

  4. I am glad to read about Ezra and the adventures of your lovely day Annette. Sending you hugs and love and spring whispers : )

  5. Ezra \e-zra, ez-ra\ as a boy's name is pronounced AIRZ-rah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ezra is "helper" .... ♥♥♥