Wednesday, April 24, 2013

it's another dreary gray and rainy april day here.  and i can't seem to find a way to motivate myself.  this is an unusual problem for me.  normally i can't get to the studio fast enough in the morning.  and once i'm there, i work like a little one person factory, digging into fabric and making it do my bidding.  but today i'm unfocussed and i'm a bit sluggish.  i had to run out to the vet's this morning to grab some anti-biotics for ezra.  on the way back, we pulled into the cemetary in all it's gray day loveliness.  the air swimming with stories.  every turn of my head, my eyes would catch a name, a date, an epitaph that drew me in, told me a little bit about a life.  beautiful and sad at once. generations and generations under grass and stone.  trees whose roots wrap around them and shade them at the same time.  there was a cemetary in the little town in michigan where i went to university.  a tiny little spot on a dirt road.  i would drive there with dora (my first great dane) and a pile of books.  there was a certain stone under a tree where we would set up everytime.  and i would spend the afternoon reading while dora explored.  i don't do that enough now.  i don't do that ever.  i need to take the time to wander trough the stones with my camera and books and feel the stories wash over me.   

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  1. When I was growing up in England my school chum and I used to love to explore cemetaries....the dates go back very far...lots of babies & such. They are beautiful places which actually celebrate life.
    When I'm not inspired I take time to sit and go through my trade mags & books (no time when I'm in full working mode) or surf the net in Stumble or Pinterest...... Doesn't last long!