Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 it's been a long and dreary winter in our little world.  but we can finally feel spring emerging.  and it's wonderful.  i spent the past weekend putting our house back together.  when edgar got sick, we moved all our living into the library.  it was cozy and warm for the winter, but it had become crowded and cluttered, dark and dusty. and once the days started getting longer, it was a little claustrophobic.   so i moved furniture and cleaned and dusted and rearranged.  i rubbed coconut oil into the wood to make it gleam and smell fresh and delicious.  the house felt open and fresh and bright again.  all in time for my daddy's birthday yesterday.  his 75th birthday.  my mother was out of town for her 55th high school reunion in virginia.   but we invited my aunt over and we had an easy little dinner for him.  and it was a bit of an awakening.  i think ezra had more than a little to do with it.  we are all breathing again.  smiling again.  moving into spring.  


  1. sounds good, best wishes to you, thats a lovely photo

    1. thank you laurie....this is my current favorite photo.