Thursday, April 25, 2013

here i sit.  early morning, awake with the noisiest birds.  a good noise.  bright and melodic and a reminder that the air will soon be hot and sweet with the scent of lavender, with lilac and the pleasantness of green.  the scent of green.  and warm humid air.  good to look forward to.  telulah is perched on my lap in the little space between my belly and the computer.  purring.  and tapping at my face periodically with her paw. ezra is upstairs in bed with tom.  he slid into the warm empty spot i left when i heard ellsworth crying at the kitchen door.  everyone is shuffling into awakeness, some of us more quickly than others. the windows are a gray glow now, and the birds are not quite as loud.  day is overtaking night.  
it's good to feel the bubble of happiness again.  ezra fills the room with it.  his gentle eyes and soft nose add a layer of love to our days.  i know he feels it too.  and there is a quilt on the go in the studio.  it's been slipping into my thoughts all night. and so our day begins..... 


  1. I just love to read your posts, I truly do,

  2. I love this picture of Ezra xo

  3. Such sweet, calm, warm, loving words. Christa