Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i think we stumble upon things in life, just when we need them.  and being aware that we need them is just an added little bonus.  this week i am blissfully leafing through old poetry books i haven't read in years.  and finding the perfect words to stitch into quilts.  just while the ugliness that happened in boston is sitting deep in my belly.  and little health concerns with our animals pick at my thoughts.  and while i'm wondering if i'll ever have enough time to give to all the areas in my life that need some extra attention.  
but i'm reading rilke and james joyce and baudelaire and verlaine and t.s. eliot and of course, ezra pound.  there is soothing in their words.  i often turn to the poets who boil up my innards like rimbaud and sexton and plath.  but finding the rolling and sensual words without the barbs and sharpness is what i need for the quilts.  and what i need for my frazzled soul right now.  
today i made a quilt with the words of 'slumber song' by rilke. 'words as tender as eyelids'.  wow!!!
so i keep finding dreamy poems and sewing them into dreamy quilts. 


  1. Ya'll, I know this world is far from perfect.
    I am not the type to mistake a streetlight for the moon.
    I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic.
    But every ocean has a shoreline
    and every shoreline has a tide
    that is constantly returning
    to wake the songbirds in our hands,
    to wake the music in our bones,
    to place one fearless kiss on the mouth of that brave river
    that has to run through the center of our hearts
    to find its way home.

    From "Birthday" by Andrea Gibson ♥

    I love what you are doing... words are exactly like stitches in the tapestry of our minds. Sending you lexicons of love ....♥♥♥

    1. Thanks angy. And that's d beautiful poem too.

  2. beautiful. Rilke is one of my favorites :)

  3. Such an original, wonderful idea. Literature and art hand in hand. Maybe some Emily DIckinson?

  4. Thanks Jen..... I feel like Emily's are so short that I haven't checked. I need a little more than just a verse or two to fill a quilt. But I'll go see if I find something.

  5. This... this... well, it's breathtaking... wonderful... your words, your work... it all goes directly into my heart... Christa

  6. Thank you christa,,,,
    These quilts are difficult to photograph, but I love them!!!!

  7. Hi there - I nominated you for The Liebster Award. Go check out the details on my blog http://goodlifegoodday.blogspot.com

    Hope things are going better. Your blog is as lovely as ever! - thanks for your recent email