Saturday, March 23, 2013

last weekend, was a little disappointing.  we had been expecting to open our home to a 4 year old great dane.  but a series of unfortunate events meant that our visit had to be postponed.  we are crossing our fingers that he'll come tomorrow.  
but in the classic way of my life, i believe the postponement may have been a good thing.   for on monday a major change came to the studio.  this massive quilting frame and quilting machine has it's own room in the studio and has officially transformed me into a rogue quilter.  now my quilts are even less conventional as i swirl them with my own flow of quilting.  moving the machine over my collection of fabrics is very satisfying.  but it's taken me all week to get it rolling along.  and now i feel like i have no limits.  like the quilts can glide out into the world with no restrictions.  i'm pretty excited. 
i've made a few quilts, but this is my first one.  i'll have them up on my etsy soon.  it feels light and limitless.  which is always good for my creative direction!!

i also opened an instagram account yesterday.  it's such fun, playing with photographs and making a little visual record of my life.  if you want to follow my instagram photos my username is 'chasinglightningbugs'.  (big surprise).  i'm new, so i'm hunting through photos looking for people to follow. i'd love to follow your photos!



  1. Hello Annette,
    You can see the difference in the stitching.. your 1st new one from the new frame is beautiful..
    I keep looking out for pinks , reds and yellows.. I am sure you will make one at some time or other.
    Hope you get your new Dog. best of luck
    val x

  2. The quilt is beautiful. How wonderful to be able to continue deepening and exploring your creative dreams. I love the phrase "rogue quilter" and look forward to your adventures.

  3. I am glad to hear you are getting a dog!
    and your mashine looks clever. God for you Annette!

    I've heard from others too that instagram is fun. Never thought of joining though. Well, not before now...

    big hug my friend : )