Friday, February 8, 2013

snow is felting the air.  the morning is early and pink.  cats around the fire.  i am wrapped in quilts on edgar's couch, the world outside halted and white.  tom is sick with the plague that has been circling our community.  i'm eating fruit and taking the concoctions my mother recommends, hoping to avoid his illness  settling in me next.  tomorrow is tom's granny's funeral. i hope he is feeling stronger by then.  to have the strength to say good-bye to his last grandparent.  our last grandparent.

i am sewing.  finally there are quilts beginning to pile up in the studio again.  i love the feeling of piles of quilts.  it feels safe.  it feels prepared.  dreamy and warm and bright.  but mostly, safe.  lots of baby quilts this week.  and the beginnings of more farmhouse quilts. 

so i will work today, with the snow silencing our little world.


  1. Stay warm....I'm off out to shovel....then hole up in my studio & create.

  2. Hi Annette,
    Good day for holing up in the studio and sewing or creating! what a day out there! i noticed the milkman didn't make delivery this surprise there!have fun with your quilts.

  3. Such beautiful descriptions. Stay warm and healthy.

  4. i like to work, paint when it's snowing, the world outside turning white and different and now and then stop painting and have a look at all that peacefulness and dream away for awhile

    nice to read you are sewing again, wishing you and Tom well, x

  5. i hope you all survived the snowfall and shoveling smoothly. it was quite a dramatic storm. thank you for your warm comments that make my heart sing every time.

  6. Hi dear!
    Hope Tom feels much better.
    Sad about grandma.

    Stay warm and healthy and loving as always

  7. ah, so good to hear you are sewing again, beautiful photos, take care,